Sponsor an athlete

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring an athlete to participate in the Adaptive Fitness Challenge in Fort Meyers, Florida on August 10, 2019. 

As part of Limitless Lifters, one of our goals is to find sponsorships for these athletes to participate in all sorts of competitions and to experience all the accommodations a true athlete deserves.

Your sponsorship is going towards providing athletes with the following: 
transportation, housing, entrance fee, meals, and uniform. 

Your generosity will go a long way in the lives and hearts of these athletes. They live to showcase their abilities and show the world just how limitless they really are. Each of these athletes come from different gyms in South Florida but unite as a team to travel to different competitions. 

Sponsorship Fee: $450/athlete

IMG_3676 2.JPG
Mauricio Melendez, 38 yrs old
Nationality: Colombian
Gym: Youth'n Action 
Favorite Exercise: Deadlift
Best Lift: Deadlift 115lbs
Domenec Figueroa, 23 yrs old
Nationality: Mexican
Gym: Grind Fitness 
Favorite Exercise: Squat  
Best Lift: Squat 85lbs
Joshuell Correa, 21 yrs old
Nationality: Colombian
Gym: Super All-Star Fitness 
Favorite Exercise: Assault Bike
Best Lift: Squat 110lbs
Chris Trujillo, 25 yrs old
Nationality: American
Gym: Grind Fitness 
Favorite Exercise: Rowing  
Best Lift: 500m in 2.5 min