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Limitless Lifters started because we saw a need for both inclusion and financial support for adaptive athletes of all ages in all levels of fitness. Our main role is to bring the community together to sponsor, advocate, and support athletes with special needs. We do this by hosting adaptive competitions, organizing fundraisers, sponsoring athletes to attend competitions, educating the fitness community on how to be inclusive, and showcasing the abilities of the amazing athletes we work with via social media posts.


Limitless Lifters is an organization created to sponsor and inspire adaptive athletes in South Florida. Our mission is to advocate for the importance of making fitness inclusive at both the recreational and competitive levels as well as educating the community on how to create an inclusive fitness environment.


Our vision is a community that is accessible and supportive of individuals of all abilities so that they can become the great athletes they each have the potential to be.



Carolina Flores


I am a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist, soccer fanatic, CrossFitter, and travel enthusiast. I was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Miami when I was 5. As generic as it sounds, I always grew up saying that I wanted to help people. It wasn’t until I became a soccer coach and worked with a young boy with autism that I figured out how I would make that my mission in life. I am forever grateful for finding occupational therapy, which ultimately led me to Youth N Action Fitness Center and my entry to the world of adaptive fitness. I joined Alejo in founding Limitless Lifters because I truly believe there is a lack of knowledge and awareness when it comes to making fitness accessible to all and because my experience as an  OT and adaptive fitness coach at YNA, has given me a unique set of skills to educate and support adaptive athletes.

Alejandro Melendez


I created this organization to honor and share moments with the one person whom inspires me everyday, my brother. My brother is an adult with Cerebral Palsy who has overcome many obstacles in his life and has shown me how limitless he is. I grew up in a home where inclusion was always instilled and the importance of creating an equal world for him. I was introduced to adaptive fitness by Iris Veciana OTR/L while I was volunteering at Youth’n Action fitness and therapy center. Her creativeness and vision of starting adaptive fitness in miami really moved me and showed me the capabilities these athletes have. My brother started training at YnA and his life changed to a more confident and strong individual. I started Power-Lifting 3 years ago and I decided to include my brother in my trainings. This created a bond and a life changing experience for him and I. Now I want to impact more individuals with special needs, change their lives forever and make this world more inclusive!  


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Alejandro Melendez

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